What They’re Saying?

When you’re in love, you want to tell the whole world!

Patients love the Bair Paws system, and have submitted hundreds of stories sharing their experience.

“The rooms were freezing cold but the Bair Paws unit was absolutely amazing. It almost makes me want to go back.” – Sonia D.
“Absolutely GENIUS! It was so nice to have a clean gown. No cloth gowns or thin scratchy blankets. Every hospital should use this system.” – Stefanie O.
“I was blessed to have gotten to use Bair Paws warming gown and slipper socks when I had wrist surgery. I was really impressed at how comfortable and warm I was, even back in a cold OR.” – Crystal H.
“The pre-op and post-op experience is usually a high stress time. These gowns give you the warmth and snuggle that eases your stress and anticipation of the coming procedure.” – Thomas A.
“Your hospital gowns are wonderful. Thanks so much for the patient comfort you are supplying for hospital comfort.” – Mary H.
“I love the Bair Paws gown. It was so easy to control the temperature. I hope all hospitals use it. Patients will love it as much as I did.” – Shirley S.